Inspired by the movie Queen of Scots, ‘BOW TO NO ONE’ is a statement of new women.

We dare to dream, to fight and to try!

Never say never, believe in yourself and make it happen.

Even if we lost, so what? At least we tried and no regret!

Mary Queen of Scots was a beautiful woman who wore armor to fight for her living and dream.  In this collection, its women’s wear highlighted some features of men’s wear and also infused with the elements of court dress.  It was designed with exaggerated shoulder lines and volumized sleeves in order to demonstrate the brand new image of her being an iron fist in a velvet glove who is powerful and confidence.  We can see frequent use of patterns mimicking Scottish lattices and abstract floral print representing people holding hands and walking to the bright path.  

The collection uses a lot of fabrics including silk, cashmere, denim, suit fabrics, windbreaker and sportswear materials to redefine street fashion.  One of the features of this new collection is the handmade accessory, such as Indian embroidery and carved metal buckles to give you a touch of the gorgeous court dress.  Colour palette includes black with blood red, navy blue, bright orange, snow white, and neon green to demonstrate the vibrant pattern which including both strong and mild feeling.