112 mountainyam X HONEY

112 mountainyam and Honey are both local brands and share the same value of perseverance. The two brands worked together and design a series of socks with the theme of flying birds. The pattern is designed into a distinctive flying bird camouflage pattern using the brand's signature colours and spread the spirit of freedom. These mid-tube socks add a free and brave attitude to the collection.

112 mountainyam 和Honey 同是香港品牌,共同有着執着和堅毅的精神。兩個品牌攜手合作,並設計出一系列以飛鳥為主題的襪子。圖案運用品牌經典色彩設計成具特色的飛鳥迷彩圖案,並帶着 freedom的概念。這款中筒襪子為系列增添了一種自由勇敢的亮麗風采。