112 mountainyam x LEGO 樂高

The scenery of Hong Kong seen from the plane is colorful, shining little by little, more like DOTS DOTS candy. 112 mountainyam deliberately designed a set of parent-child handbags with the LEGO DOTS series, hoping to bring this colorful high-rise building in Hong Kong into view. 

Color is what gives us hope.

Color is what gives us life.

Color is what gives us love.

從飛機上看到的香港風景是五彩繽紛的,一點一點地閃著光芒,更像是DOTS DOTS糖果。 112個mountainyam特意設計了一系列樂高DOTS系列親子手袋,希望將這座色彩繽紛的香港高層建築帶入人們的視野。