112 mountainyam x ONE OF A KIND 水晶

112 mountainyam X ONE OF A KIND crystal mask is a limited crossover collection. During this COVID-19 pandemic period, we want to bring hope and aspiration to our lives. With this bling crystal mask, we encourage everyone to shine and stay positive. The crystal masks use multi reflective crystals, that were specially treated. 

112 mountainyam X ONE OF A KIND 水晶口罩是限量的跨界合作。 在這個新冠肺炎大流行時期,我們希望給我們的生活帶來希望和抱負。 借助這款閃亮的水晶口罩,我們鼓勵所有人發光並保持積極向上的態度。 水晶口罩使用特別處理的幻彩顏色。