112 mountainyam x HONOR

112 mountainyam x HONOR

The HONOR TALENTS global design competition takes "infinite predictions" as the theme, inviting global designers to create discoveries, to break through expectations, to see that infinite predictions are truly realized through creative brushstrokes, advocate design without limits, encourage brave expression, and explore forever New possibilities. Let consumers experience the beauty of innovation combining technology and art every moment.

Mountain Yam, the founder of 112 mountainyam brand and a well-known fashion designer, designed "Believe in Love" for the competition. In 2020, which is full of uncertainty, the designer uses such a picture to convey the belief in love, with light and dynamic colors, Bring strength and love back to life

1. What do you think is the most important element of transition in your design?

The most important elements of transition in design are color and line texture.

2. Is the element a very important replacement for your design?

It is very important to be able to express your inner thoughts in patterns.

3. What is your design philosophy?

What a person walks in the desert looking forward to is this kind of colorful and wonderful love. Inspired by the Moroccan desert, there are layers of waves on the surface of the desert after the wind blows.

4. Want to convey a certain message through your design?

Life is unpredictable, and things you encounter are like deserts blown by the wind, and there are bound to be variables. Only by keeping positive thoughts in your heart and believing in love will your life become more energetic and more exciting.

5. What do you think about following the trend and style?

Wind is a trend to follow. Style is a specific form that you can create.

6. How do you think you define this cooperation with HONOR?

This is an exciting opportunity for cooperation. We are an independent designer brand. It is very satisfying to be able to share our ideas with more people through the online world.

7. What is the inspiration for this collaboration?

Believe in love

8. In this collaboration, what do you want to express through your design language?

Through the electronic world, convey the belief in love. Encourage everyone to live an active life and keep positive thinking at all times.

Join HONOR TALENTS, boldly reorganize the sense of science and technology with these excellent designers, break through the known limitations, and create the unknown infinity. For more information, search for the topic "HONOR TALENTS" on Weibo.

榮譽人才全球設計大賽以“無限預言”為主題,邀請全球設計師一起去創造發現,去突破預期,去看到無限預測因創意筆觸而真正實現,主張設計不設限,鼓勵勇敢表達,永遠探索 新的可能。讓消費者每時每刻能體驗到科技與藝術結合的創新之美。

任銘暉,112 mountainyam品牌創立人,知名服裝設計師,為大賽設計了《相信愛》,在充滿不確定性的2020年,設計師用這樣的畫面傳達了對愛的信仰,以輕盈躍動的色彩,將力量和愛帶回生活。

















加入HONOR TALENTS,與這些優秀設計師一起大膽重組科技感官,突破已知的局限,創作未知的無限。更多信息可微博搜索主題“ HONOR TALENTS”。