112mountainyam x MOLLIFIX

The women of Hong Kong brand 112mountainyam are hearty and straightforward,and the women of Taiwan brand MOLLIFIX are persevering and unyielding. They all have a yearning for life and a positive attitude towards life together.

This cooperation combines the brands with the concept and values of “Love from girl power” to create and to connect the power of women with love. The design details that bring unique beauty and functionality to this collection which break the rules of traditional pure colour sportswear.


是次合作以《LOVE FROM GIRL POWER》的理念和價值觀把品牌聯繫起來作創新的融合,以愛結合女性的力量帶來更多的美好宣揚。為這次系列帶來獨特美觀而功能的設計細節打破了傳統純色運動衣的規則。